About this blog

Thirst for Rioja is a site dedicated to all things about the wonderful region of Rioja in Spain. This blog is about the people, places, wineries, wines and food of the region.

This is a site about my own personal experiences of Rioja, its wines, its foods, its travel experiences and the wonderful people I meet on the way.

Please note that I do not accept unsolicited guest post requests. Please DO NOT contact me offering me content that would be “of interest to my readers”. I am happy to learn and share content about brands that I have used and love; please get in touch if you think that your wine, or travel related product or service would be interesting to me personally. I do NOT write about any wines or places I have not visited.

In the past I admit I turned down offers of wines to sample, but since I no longer work for competitor wineries, I am willing to consider offers. If I have not put everyone off, you can reach me via the Contact Page. However, I do not guarantee that all samples will be reviewed, and if I do chose to review a wine, however I have come to experience it, I will share an honest, personal opinion

If I receive any compensation (financial or in the form of an experience) for any article or mention, this will be clearly disclosed.


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