About Me

Thirst for Rioja is a site dedicated to all things about the wonderful region of Rioja in Spain. This blog is about the people, places, wineries, wines and food of the region.

My name is Robert McIntosh and I have been travelling to Rioja for the last 8 years or so, mainly on business, but picking up lots of interesting bits of information on the way. It is sometimes hard to find these details, especially in English, so I thought I would bring them together for your information.

I work in the  wine business, running tastings, working with restaurants, wine shops and websites and sharing my passion for Rioja with as many in the UK & Ireland as I can.

I have in the past worked with Rioja wineries including Dinastia Vivanco, Criadores de Rioja and Carlos Serres, but this is no longer the case. In some cases you will see these wineries mentioned in posts, but the points of view expressed are my own. I am no longer in their employ, but do continue to work on some individual projects for them, and if these projects are mentioned, the link will be clearly mentioned.


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