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08122009472If you are quick, and I mean really quick, you can still catch a free tasting of Rioja wine AND Rioja food (in the form of some lovely tapas from the in-house expert) at the National Geographic store on Regents Street.

For this week only the Rioja Government (not Rioja wines alone this time) is sponsoring a showcase of food and wine (and olive oil) at the amazing National Geographic store. There is a tasting table by the door that starts pouring samples at 4pm and also gives you sample tapas. I believe that at 6:30pm there is also a proper wine tasting upstairs. Last night it was being hosted by John Radford (he literally wrote the book on Spanish wines).

08122009473The people behind this seemed very nice and genuine, although I think the pouring staff from National Geographic were not quite ready for all the questions they imediately received from grateful shoppers. I enjoyed stepping in to help – there were Americans, Italians, Brits and more all at the table within 5 minutes.

If you go along, look out for the wines from Dinastia Vivanco and Carlos Serres that are supporting this event. The wines change every day so no idea what you will get!

Have fun, and Happy Christmas!

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