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In the wine business we agonise, sometimes for hours, on the best way to write tasting notes that convey the details of a wine in a way that might inspire others to buy it and drink it.

Then, something comes along to show how silly that is.

You’ve probably seem me mention twitter before (you can follow me @thirstforrioja), a means of keeping in touch with people and exchanging information using only 140 character messages. I’ve even used it for wine tastings. Now, there is a video equivalent. This is not a YouTube channel where you can post 10 minute videos. You only get 12 seconds to record your message. No more, no less.

Does it work for wine? Well, check out this reaction to Coleccion Vivanco Rioja 4 Varietales 2005. Do you think it expresses passion and honesty? Would you buy the wine?

Sooo good. #ttl on 12seconds.tv

Love it!

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