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I hadn’t planned another post quite so soon (after all, I wouldn’t want to spoil you and have you expect me to post THAT regularly) but I awoke to some wonderful news which I thought I would share.

Julia Harding MW, who is the main contributor to JancisRobinson.com other than Jancis herself, just wrote an interesting article and tasting notes on “Variety in Rioja“, including a review of a range of single varietal wines of Graciano, Garnacha, Mazuelo, Maturana Tinta (I think I’ve had the white but not the red) and of course, Tempranillo.

I’m not sure of the rules about republishing the details of the article as it is a subscriber-only Purple Pages article, but of the 31 wines reviewed, the highest rated 3 wines scored 18 points and 6 scored 17.5 points. The Coleccion Vivanco Graciano 2005 was one that scored 18 points and the Coleccion Vivanco Garnacha 2005 scored 17.5- a great recognition for these wonderful wines which, unfortunately are available in very small quantities and therefore sell out very quickly.

If you are a subscriber to JancisRobinson.com I recommend checking out the article for a list of some great Rioja wines (there are quite a few here I have not tried and will seek out). Oh, and if you have come here as this site was recommended as a stockist, I’m afraid I do not sell the wines, but please do contact the other stockists mentioned – Bibendum Wine Ltd and D. Byrne Fine Wines

A great bit of news and recognition to take us into 2009 and hopefully the start of even more interest in these wines (look out for an event in the near future where I will introduce the latest vintage of these wines).

Happy New Year!

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