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Rafa VivancoI’m thinking of organising a tasting in January, when Rafael Vivanco from Bodegas Dinastia Vivanco, is over in London for Bibendum‘s mega annual tasting (they import our wines to the UK). Nothing radical in that, there are lots of wine tastings happening all the time. BUT …

With all the potential of Social Media for wine blogs it seems a shame to do this the ‘traditional’ way by just inviting Press and Trade customers and excluding lots of other people who might be interested. So, I’m thinking of putting together something new and a bit more exciting and innovative … I just don’t know exactly what yet!

I’ve got lots of ideas, but I have not yet distilled them into a firm plan, so I thought I might ask you for your thoughts (particularly if you are, or can be, in London in January and are into both wine and social media). So far we have: wine, live blogging, video, twitter hash tags, twitpics, twitter taste live, and more wine. Have I missed something?

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do at a wine tasting and not had a chance to do?

Food is obviously a possibility, but should it be the focus, or just something we offer anyway? What about Music? Or Art? Any brilliant thoughts (you get invited if we use your idea of course)?

I’m going to put the word out and will try to post any responses here (if I get any) and will definitely let you know as soon as the plan is in place, but some very interesting bloggers/vloggers are hopefully going to be involved, so I have high hopes.

(Photo of Rafael Vivanco by tiptoptaps on flickr)

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