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I will admit I was a sceptic, but it seems that I have been proven wrong.

Recently, the Rioja marketing body started a (viral) campaign to find the “sound of Rioja” by getting (predominantly young) people to send in video clips of them making sounds with their Rioja by running their finger on the edge of a crystal glass – full of Rioja of course! The results would be combined into a video for promoting Rioja, a laudable aim.

Yeah, right!” thought I. “You’ll not get a lot of participation, and what you’ll get will be low quality.

Now I see that this video has been launched (worth a watch/listen) that says “Producida a partir de imagenes de los usuarios de http://www.riojapasion.com” (Made from images provided by users of http://www.riojapasion.com):

Pretty cool and a bit fun.

However, my scepticism has not completely gone away. If you visit their site at Rioja Pasion, you will get to see this video and all its wonderful production values, then you click through to the main site and see the list of some of the 57,000 video they (apparently) received. Visitors get to vote on their favourites, and you can see the top 10 on this page. Somehow these 10 don’t quite match the main video!?

This is a big fallacy in the “user generated content” type viral campaign. Even if people like the idea and get behind the campaign (as they have done here), the results are rarely as wonderful as the planners’ mental pictures at the start.

Am I being too harsh?

However, enjoy the Sound of Rioja, or failing that, make our own by popping a cork and drinking it.

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