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One of the wonderful things about working wth the family who established Dinastia Vivanco is that there is no such thing as a ‘normal’ day. One day I’m off tasting wines with folks (like I did recently for the nice people of the Stroud Wine Society, and a wonderful lunch at Carden Park with Cheshire Life Magazine), the next, I come home to an announcement that reads:

The Dinastia Vivanco Online Documentation Centre Wins International ‘Best Of’ Wine Tourism Award for Art & Culture

What’s that I hear you ask! Well, not content with making wine, they are investing in all sorts of wonderful projects to encourage us to appreciate wine in all its aspects – after all, wine has been important in history, religion, film, literature and art too, and not just something to drink.

So they’ve been collecting all sorts of documents, including some absolutely AMAZING books that pre-date the year 1501 called “incunables“, and making these available online. In fact, they are even digitising these books (as Google has been doing elsewhere) so everyone might be able to access them.

So now I get to write about something totally different, and if this interests you, check out the wine documentation centre here.

And to top it off, the international ‘Best Of’ Wine Tourism Awards (run by the Network of Great Wine Capitals) just named it the most important project in wine Art & Culture of 2008. Pretty nifty!

So, if you are doing research or publishing anything and are looking for some resources, documents, books, pictures, audiovisual material and more, you might want to check out the Dinastia Vivanco Online Documentation Centre.