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Vintage seems to be progressing well in Rioja Alta … but it still hasn’t finished and we are getting into the rather nervous period where the weather is due to change at any moment.

Last week saw some light rain on Tuesday, not enough to stop some from picking, but cold and damp weather is definitely on its way. However, Wednesday cleared a little and Thursday was glorious! However, Thursday’s sun and clear blue skies revelead that there had been considerable snowfall in the mountain ranges just to the South of the vineyard areas.

Snow in the mountains

The weekend remained good, and a great deal of effort was put into bringing in what they could, if the number of tractors and pickers in the fields are anything to judge by.

This week the weather is meant to turn again and they are currently predicting rain for the rest of the week, a depressing prospect for those with grapes on the vines. However, what is coming in looked healthy and certainly those I have spoken to have been happy with their harvests this year.

Let’s hope it stays that way!

More on tastings and visits to wineries soon.

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