Tempranillo stemsIt has started in earnest!

I’m here in the Dinastia Vivanco winery with my camera, my flip, my laptop, my mobile(s) … every blogging gadget imaginable and trying to get some of the sense of the activity onto this blog to share with you.

This morning the sorting table was busy with the first red grapes picked for the Coleccion Vivanco range – Tempranillo from the Tudelilla vineyards.

Even the discarded stems are beautiful!

The vintage is already a few weeks behind schedule this year thanks to the cool weather, and now that the grapes are ripe, the goal is to get them in before the weather changes and there is any more rain.

Blogging is supposed to be multimedia, and I love photography (never said I was good at it though), but video is a new tool for me. However, I’ve bought the flip, so I am going to use it!

I’ve uploaded my first YouTube videos of the grape sorting table in action, and I have a few more to add – worth a watch to see the manual effort involved in making a quality Rioja.

I’m also adding some photos from the vineyards that surround the winery and museum.

I LOVE this time of year!