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Rioja WIne TondoniaGood news if you live outside of London, or a good excuse to leave for a bit (London does get the lion’s share of attention generally).

Wines from Rioja is sponsoring a campaign through regional newspapers in Bristol, Birmingham, Nottingham and in Scotland. You collect tokens in these newspapers and get a chance to go out for a two course dinner, including a glass of Rioja, for only £10.

The way Duty is going these days, it can’t be long before the glass of wine alone will cost you that much, so it sounds like a good deal to me. Couple that with an economy in need of a little TLC, and this sounds like a very good deal.

I’m guessing that each restaurant is offering their own Rioja in the promotion, so I can’t suggest any one in particular, but it seems like an offer worth checking out. You can read more about the offer and how long it will be running in each newspaper/area on the Wines from Rioja site (and get a bonus token).

If you come across a great restaurant, or a particularly good wine, do let us know.

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