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Last year I was in La Rioja on a VERY regular basis, but this year, events have conspired to keep me at home a lot more. However, I am excited to say that I am back here for the European Wine Bloggers’ Conference which is happening this weekend (29-31 August, 2008).

It means I can sit here and blog from my favourite coffee shop in the area, FABORIT. Free WiFi, Fresh Juices, Good Coffee and up-to-date music. What a difference from 4 years ago when I started coming here on a semi-regular basis. At that time you could not get an internet connection for love or money. In fact, the only one I found was a small school opened by the local government to educate Logroñeses in how to use the internet – and no access for web-deprived travellers!

Faborit Snack

Now you’ll find WiFi all over the place and mostly free in hotels and in some places like the museum.

As I will be rather busy with the conference, I’m not sure how much Rioja blogging I will be able to do, but I have my camera at the ready and hope to take some photos of how the vintage is progressing and report back after interviewing a few local winemakers too.

Also, with temperatures well above 30 degrees, I’m a little warmer than I was when I left London this morning.

And, as this is Spain, I have been invited out to dinner; a dinner that doesn’t start until 22:00. Can’t quite imagine sending that invitation in the UK.

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