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Rioja RocksEvery time I hear from him I like the dude even more. If we keep at it, I’m going to have to buy him a ring!

I was reviewing the useful site built for UK consumers at Wines from Rioja (www.winesfromrioja.co.uk) and I saw this comment on the Rioja Rocks article:

And the region itself is a blast! I remember visiting the winery at Dinastia Vivanco in Rioja Alta, I was knocked out by the collision of tradition with the state of the art winery that had been built underneath the vineyards like some giant Batcave with oodles of sexy kit and state of the art techniques. But it’s not just the wineries that are breathing modernity into this traditional wine region, there’s an increasing attention to detail in the vineyard to ensure the unique local grapes of the region.

Not only is it great to get that sort of endorsement for the Dinastia Vivanco wines, but great to see that someone as influential as Olly really gets what the whole region is doing. Rioja is often perceived as the “very traditional” region that “everyone knows” and is therefore skipped over in favour of something new and trendy, but there are all sorts of innovations happening here too, and the money and determination to make it happen.

I’m going to be organising a small series of tastings on this site in the near future, and will also be sending out reviews by twitter (it is all the rage, after all). If you are interested in seeing why Rioja Rocks, sign up to follow me on twitter, and also sign up to receive my email alerts here so I can get you interesting information and offers on Rioja wines.