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red carpet

This weekend thirstforrioja will be out spreading the love for Bodegas Dinastia Vivanco at the Tapas Fantasticas show (which I have already posted about so you can read it below).

If you picked up a card at the event, welcome! If you were looking for more information on the Dinastia Vivanco wines, and stockists, click here.

I trust that after having enjoyed the great Rioja wines and excellent tapas of Logroño, you will be in the mood for more news, views and tips on Rioja, so sign up to this blog and I’ll do my best to oblige.

You have three ways of staying in touch:

1. Sign up to my RSS feed and read about Rioja. I write about all sorts of stuff and I will promise to try and be entertaining. Posts coming up about castles, blind wine tastings, special offers and where to stay if you come and visit.

2. Sign up for my email alerts. I don’t write newsletters, and I’m not really selling anything, so it is safe! But I come across great information on promotions, prizes, events (like Tapas Fantasticas) and more, and I can let you know too.

3. Follow me on twitter. This is the new communications frontier. Many of the things I send by email I’ll also put up on twitter, and because it is so quick (when it isn’t overloaded), it will be best for last minute ideas and a bit of fun. Again, I promise not to bombard you.

So, there you go. Sign up! Stay in touch and enjoy loads of stuff about Rioja. And if you fancy it, leave me a comment here and let me know what you thought of the wines and the tapas festival.

(Photo “Red Carpet” courtesy of fab’s photos under CC licence)