I’m grateful to Ryan at Catavino for pointing me to an interesting article by Michael Franz called Resurgent Rioja in Wine Review Online:

So watch out.  Rioja has set a lot of things right, and is coming back–big time.

I think there is a great deal of truth in this article about Rioja’s past, and what is happening at present, and it is worth reading to get a little history to put today’s developments in context.

In Rioja today there are not only efforts to focus on the quality of the wine, but on marketing, on wine tourism and also the environment. Rioja is much better focused on customers, both in Spain and around the world, certainly better than many competitor regions.

All regions have their ups and downs, learning to cope as the national and international markets change, but Rioja has proven it can adapt quickly, unlike many other European wine regions.

If it did take its eyes off the ball, they are now firmly back. I look forward to seeing how this develops from here.