Just for fun, I thought I would write an “elevator pitch” to sell Rioja (the whole region) – convince someone to bother looking into Rioja further. This might not work on journalists or “experts” but I was still thinking of that technology investor type, unfortunately caught in the lift with me for 30 seconds.

ElevatorHere is my first attempt, written on my recent train trip to Manchester;

Rioja offers elegant wines expertly aged in barrel and bottle, sold ready to enjoy but capable of extended ageing.

The simple classification system, concentrating on style rather than sub-regionality, makes them easy to understand and allows producer brands to guide novice buyers.

These are predominantly blended red wines dominated by Tempranillo, but the range of styles offers something for all drinking occasions: by the glass, informal and fine dining.

Novices can find reassurance and consistency. Experts can discover nuances and individual terroirs.

As well as tradition and history, the strength of the regional brand, and the established players, means that there is a great deal of experimentation, innovation and quality to be found as well.

If you wanted to learn about a wine region in more detail, Rioja is the best place to start.

What do you think? Not aggressive enough maybe, but I’ve tried to avoid details whilst trying to bring out some of the key differences.

Anyone out there willing to give it a try? Do you have an elevator pitch of your own for your blog or product? I’d love to see other good examples out there for the wine world.

(Photo “Submerged Like An Elevator By The Wire” courtesy of DerrickT)