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Ryan from Catavino made an interesting point to me recently, something which I am sure we will be exploring in much more detail for the European Wine Bloggers’ Conference.

Blogs have the ability to present information in a range of media (written word, drawing, images, audio & video) so why is it that bloggers tend to stick to one at the expense of the others?

Most of us find writing easiest, probably for the low technical skills required compared to, say, video, but this doesn’t make the most of the opportunities, and it also does not properly differentiate us from the more traditional wine media.

However, there are others out there doing things differently. Most will be familiar with Gary Vaynerchuk and Wine Library TV and his video tasting sessions (that, as it happens, include a Rioja on the latest edition as I write). But there are also radio show formats for audio consumption at Wine Biz Radio (with my mate Randy – you have to see that photo) and at Grape Radio.

I was browsing this last site last week and came across a very interesting interview with Vicente Dalmau from Marques de Murrieta. It is a rather long interview, but he covers a lot of interesting points about Rioja history, winemaking, grape varieties, and some insights into one of the world’s most unique wineries. It really makes me want to visit the winery (if possible, which I don’t think it is) and taste some of these very special wines. If nothing else, that makes it a good interview.

You can listen to the interview yourself here:

Grape Radio: The Wines of Marqués de Murrieta

There is something particular about seeing, or hearing, an interview which is much more personal than simply reading a write-up which, if anything, is always a summary in any case.

I don’t see the time where I will be preparing audio or video myself, but I will certainly seek out more varied content of interest, but I will explore the idea and you never know …