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I am not a deal chaser, nor do I want to dedicate this blog to finding more wine sales or discounts as I truly believe we need to find ways to get out of the UK price-driven deal culture in wine.

MajesticHowever, there are some retailers out there doing a good jobs of building consumer interest in wine using education, tastings and good communications. If they also run a discount from time to time, then we ought to support them, and I don’t have an objection to picking up a genuinely good bottle of wine a little cheaper if possible.

To this end, you might want to check out the prices on Spanish wines, and in particular on Rioja (of course), at Majestic. You can read some of their thoughts on the relatively new Majestic blog here.

Rioja Reserva 2004 wines are starting to be released now. 2004 was a very good vintage and the wines will be excellent … BUT, I think some of the better wines will need a little more time before they are really ready to drink (I tried a few after the Wine & Spirit Magazine meeting the other day). So my advice would be to take advantage of the sale, but then stick them in a cool place for 6 months or even a couple of years.