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One of the greatest developments of the Web 2.0 age (when blogs and other interactive technologies really became established) is that information is no longer hoarded, but shared and added to. Whereas archives of great writing and research used to be hoarded in musty vaults on the slim chance someone would pay to reuse it, nowadays that information is made available so that we can all get access to it when we need it.

Just think what the world was like before Google, Wikipedia and email. Unless you are under 12 you must remember the cul-de-sacs of information you used to encounter on every research project. Now we are awash with information.

It was like a competition of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?; even the best and brightest can only have so much stored knowledge, and occasionally could “phone a friend”, but would eventually stumble and fall. Now it is akin to competing with the entire Encyclopaedia Brittanica open in front of you. Of course, now the questions get harder, but the game can also get more interesting, but we all stand a chance of winning.

So when starting a blog, the idea is not just to create new content but also to point to other great content already out there, to make it easier for others to find, to thank and credit its creators, and hopefully then add to the sum of knowledge.

To that end I would like to start by encouraging those of you interested in Rioja to check out Catavino‘s 2008 Rioja Report. Their mission for this report was very similar to that for this blog, except they have the whole of Spain and Portugal to move on to next, and considering how exciting and dynamic these countries are becoming, I suspect they’ll have more to focus on very soon.

The Catavino Rioja Report has links to all their articles, regional and winery profiles, tasting notes, and even
their thoughts on the food. Definitely recommended reading, and a quality of content that I aspire to matching here.

I shall be writing on some of the same themes as well as adding a few of my own, and if you have any suggestions of what you might like to know more about, do let me know in the comments below.