Welcome to my new blog all about Rioja – Thirst for Rioja. It is about wine, travel, food, tourism, history, geography, and anything else that comes up.

I work for a number of wineries in Rioja, all producing amazing wines, but I will not be bombarding you with sales information (I promise) but I do look forward to sharing details of the great things that these wineries are working on.

I travel to Rioja for business and pleasure about 10 times a year so I pick up tips on what restaurants to visit, what wines to drink and also how to get there – a topic of interest to many who love Rioja wines, but have not ever considered visiting the region.

Rioja is a region in the middle of a tourism transformation. Wineries used to be closed to all but the luckiest travellers. Now wineries are opening wine tasting rooms, visitor centres, museums, hotels and evens spas. Flights to the area change every few months, with new schedules and airlines servicing the region, so some tips on navigating this will hopefully be helpful.

I already blog about wine matters on another blog, The Wine Conversation, a place where I put down my thoughts on wine & wine culture in the UK and around the world. That site has no tasting notes as I decided not to compete with all the other great wine tasting sites around the world. However, as this site is intended to be a resource for Rioja lovers, I would be doing you, and me, a disservice if I did not include them here.

You can read my full disclaimer about what work I do, who I represent and what I think about advertising and samples on the About page, but I’m always happy to deal with any questions or comments you may have. Drop me a note or leave me a comment.

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